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Rally-O Trials


Any trials are hosted under CARO rules and regulations. CARO is open to all dogs being at least six (6) months of age, including purebred and mixed breeds, except bitches in season or dogs with injuries or illnesses which may cause the dog pain or great discomfort, or dogs exhibiting signs of aggression that threaten the safety of other dogs or humans.

For more information go to:

You CAN REGISTER TO PARTICIPATE in the Rally-O trials we host, even if you have not yet received you CARO number. As long as you have registered for your number, you are permitted to participate. Your qualifying runs etc., will be tracked and applied to your CARO number once supplied.

Notice to Participants & General Information

Please ensure that you read all the of the following information as it is important for your participation in our Trial and for the smooth running of the trial at our facility.

Important CARO Competitor Information

Competitors, through the submission of their entries, acknowledge that they know the CARO Rules and Regulations. For complete up-to-date CARO rules go to:

Your Dog’s CARO ID:

A dog must have an individual dog registration number from CARO in order to compete at a trial. Handlers may submit the Individual Dog Application form filled out and accompanied by a cheque payable to CARO for the amount required to the Trial Secretary. (F-02 DogRegistration-InscriptionChien.pdf) Or, you can register your dog for a CARO ID#, online at their site, in advance. It can take 3-4 days to acquire your dog ID Number, so if you plan on registering with CARO online, please do so well in advance, so you have your Dog ID# when you register with us for the trial. You can request a Dog ID # here online at CARO’s Dog ID request page:

Physically challenged handlers are encouraged to participate.  Handlers shall provide the judge with a written description of how they intend to perform any of the course exercises.  All requests for modifications to a course must accompany the Entry Form (registration form) for the trial.  The request should be in writing and should explain the handicap and the modification(s) requested.


A qualifying ribbon will be awarded to each dog/handler team who achieves a qualifying score. In addition, placement ribbons first through third will be offered in each round.  Rosettes will be awarded for new titles.

FEO refers to dogs trialing “For Exhibition Only”. Dogs competing under FEO are not eligible for placements in any class.

The Rally Novice “A” Class:

The “A” stream is for the handler who is an inexperienced beginner and who has never titled a dog in any sport. They have not instructed or assisted with dog training classes in any sport. In effect, this is the first time they have worked a dog towards a title. Once the handler has obtained their RN title, they may continue on to the Advanced “A” stream with the same dog. There is no A or B stream in Excellent or Versatility. When a competitor has attained their first Advanced  A title, they are considered “experienced” and must compete in the B stream with any other dogs they handle.

A handler must own the dog entered, or be a member of the owner(s) household or immediate family to compete in Novice A. A person may enter more than one dog in this class.


In order to attain a Rally Title, a dog must earn three qualifying legs, under at least two different CARO approved judges. All dogs must begin Rally Obedience Competition at the Novice level. A person may enter more than one dog in each class. No dog may be entered in both A & B levels at one trial.

Move Ups will be permitted providing the Trial Secretary is informed in writing at least one (1) week prior to this event. Same day move-ups will be permitted at the judge’s discretion. Please note it is the handler’s responsibility to inform the Trial Secretary before their next event.

Food as a reward is allowed in the competition ring at the Novice and Advanced levels only. Please note that the food  cannot be used as a lure to help the dog complete an exercise. Handlers who plan to use food as a reward must indicate this on their entry form.  Food must be carried in the handler’s pockets and only be present in the handler’s hand in between exercises. No Active Toys Allowed (Clickers, lasers or squeak toys).

In consideration of the acceptance of the entry, I/We agree to abide by the rules and regulations of CARO in effect at the time of this trial, and by any additional rules and regulations as approved by CARO for this trial. I/We certify that the dog entered is not a hazard to persons or other dogs. I/We further agree to be bound by the GENERAL AGREEMENT printed on this entry form (provided below digitally).

Our Facility & Handler Rules

This trial will be held at the All About Dogs indoor facility housing 2 fully fenced rings on Comfort King Crown matting.  No outdoor shoes are permitted on this flooring.  Please bring a pair of clean indoor shoes to wear in this area and be prepared to change your shoes to potty your dog.

Acceptable equipment to be used at our facility and surrounding grounds, include flat collars, cloth martingales, roman harnesses, head halters or no-pull front clip harnesses.

Extendable leashes, shock/citronella, prongs, or chain style collars (including chain style martingales) are not allowed in or around the facility. Please leave these devices at home. Any handler found using these devices while on site, will be asked to leave the property. There will be no refund of fees in such instances and all legs earned will be considered null and void.

Please note that in accordance with CARO rules, competing dogs can ONLY be shown on a flat buckle or snap collar or plain harnesses while in the ring.   Leashes should be made of fabric or leather and should be long enough to provide adequate slack.  Dogs at the advanced, excellent or versatility level are not required to compete with a collar. All dogs in all classes must enter and exit the trial ring with a collar and lead attached.

Additional Participation Information & Etiquette

  • Our facility has limited indoor walking and crating areas. To accommodate dogs who might be anxious in tight spaces please maintain your dog’s focus on you when moving about the facility and surrounding areas.
  • All dogs must be kept in a crate or on leash when not in the ring. Please note that dogs cannot be left unattended unless in a crate. (Ex pens will not be permitted)
  • Handlers need to be attentive to their dogs and keep barking to a minimum at all times.
  • Please ensure that your dog eliminates in the designated areas and that waste is deposited in the green bins provided. Please do not allow dogs to urinate on the walls of the building. Inability to follow these guidelines and clean up after your dog will result in dismissal from the event.
  • Any dog engaging in aggressive behaviour will be required to leave the trial grounds. Handlers will forfeit their entry fees in such instances.
  • Inhumane or aggressive treatment of a dog, judge, volunteer or other participants, will not be tolerated. Any handler engaging in physical and/or verbal mistreatment will be asked to leave the facility immediately with no consideration for a refund of fees or acknowledgement of trial achievements. In such instances and all legs earned will be null and void.

General Agreement

I (we) agree that All About Dogs Inc. (the hosting club) has the right to refuse this entry for any cause, which the organizing committee alone shall deem to be sufficient. In consideration of the acceptance of this entry, of the holding of the event, and of the opportunity to have the dog participate and/or to be judged, I (we) agree to hold the organizing committee, the hosting club, the CARO Canadian Association of Rally Obedience, including their members, officers, directors, agents and employees, sponsors of the event, and owners of the premises upon which the event is held and their employees, harmless from any claim for loss or injury that may be alleged to have been caused directly or indirectly to any person or thing by the act of this dog while in or upon the event premises or grounds or near any entrance thereto, and I (we) personally assume all responsibility and liability for any such claim. I (we) further agree to hold the aforementioned parties harmless from any claim for loss of this dog by disappearance, theft, death or otherwise, and from any claim for damage or injury to the dog, whether such loss, disappearance, appearance, theft, damage, or injury be caused or alleged to be caused by the negligence of the parties aforementioned, or by the negligence of any other person, or any other cause or causes. I (we) hereby assume the sole responsibility for and agree to indemnify and save the aforementioned parties harmless from any and all loss and expense (including legal fees) by reason of the liability imposed by law upon any of the aforementioned parties for damage because of bodily injuries, including death resulting at any time therefore, sustained by any person or persons, including myself (ourselves), or on account of damage to property arising out of or in consequence of my (our) participation in this event, howsoever such injuries, death, or damage to property may be caused, and whether or not the same may have been caused or may have been alleged to have been caused by negligence of the aforementioned parties or any of their employees or agents or any other persons.

I (we) further acknowledge that I (we) have read, understand, and will abide by the Official CARO Rules and Regulations of the Canadian Association of Rally Obedience and the provisions for entry as set forth in the Rally Test Schedule of which this entry form is a part. I (we) acknowledge and represent that the information supplied by me (us) herein is correct to the best of my (our) knowledge; if any portion of this information is found to be invalid or insufficient to establish the validity of my (our) entry, such finding shall render my (our) entry invalid in its entirety, for which there shall be no refund of fees paid. Further, I (we) represent that I am (we are) the owner(s) of the dog listed hereon, or that I (we) am (are) a family member of the dog’s owner as stated and allowed in the CARO Rally rules, and that I (we) shall hold the hosting club and CARO, including their officers, directors, employees and agents and their sponsors, harmless from any liability or claim made by dog’s owner.

Further, I (we) hereby grant to CARO Canadian Association of Rally Obedience, their representatives, agents, and assigns, all rights and permissions to broadcast, telecast, cablecast, transmission, or distribution in any format or media now known or hereafter to become known. I (we) hereby release CARO, the hosting club, their representatives, agents, and assigns from any claim or cause of action for invasion of the rights of privacy, right of personality, or any similar right.

All video, broadcast, and telecast rights for this event are the exclusive property of CARO or the trial host(s).

As the host club, All About Dogs Inc. reserves the right to accept or decline entries. We will also excuse any person from the trial or trial premise, we deem aggressive or abusive towards another person or dog.