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What is Rally Obedience

Rally Obedience can be described as obedience exercises performed in a sequence format, with the emphasis on an upbeat relationship between handler and dog. It is made up of a compilation of many of the traditional obedience exercises, including heeling, sit, down, stand, and stay.  Rally is a terrific sport to use to build a working relationship between dog and handler that will serve as a foundation for everyday life skills, other human-dog team sports such as agility and any type of dog assisted therapy programs.


Better understanding of body language interaction with your dog.

Loose lead attentive walking assists with general cooperation with your dog in your everyday activities which will allow your dog to participate in more aspects of your daily life

Builds connection between dog and handler that is the basis for agility training.

Teaches your dog to a level of self-control necessary to participate in dog therapy and visitation programs.

Additional programs available to our Rally Students:

We offer group classes to get students ready for the Novice, Advanced, Excellent, Versatility & Working levels of CARO Rally.

Rally fun matches (mock trials) and sanctioned CARO (Canadian Association of Rally Obedience) trials.

Getting started:

Participants in our Novice Rally program need to have successfully completed the NTL and CBFM programs. Dog and handler need to have an understanding of our method of training as well as the basic components of obedience training: attention to handler, sit, down, stay, loose lead walking.

Exercises in our Rally Novice 1 program include:

  • Foundations for focus and choosing to heel
  • Handler and dog body awareness exercises
  • Teaching a settle down or relax behaviour between working exercises
  • Introduction to the Novice level Rally signs
  • Learning to assess your dog’s knowledge acquisition and functional performance ability under distraction or stress.
Class Information & Pricing

All classes run for six weeks with a one-hour lesson per week. The group is limited to six dogs and the cost is $250 plus HST.

We also offer ongoing training classes to keep your young dog on the right track to becoming a well-behaved pet who is welcome in your family and the community.

  • Taking the Teeter

  • Running the Dog Walk

  • Jumping The Tire

  • Exiting the Teeter Totter

  • Working the Weave Poles

Upcoming Novice Rally-O Classes

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Upcoming Advanced Rally-O Classes

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Renée and Cadence working the Rally Obedience course.