Nutrition Seminars with Erica Garven

Good quality food in the right balance is the foundation for maintaining the health of your dog.  It can improve behaviour, reduce vet visits and significantly help with the management of allergies. The right food can even eliminate the need for medications for many health conditions.

This seminar will be presented by Erica Garven. Erica’s experience with her first dog’s extreme behaviours and food sensitivities, lead her on a journey of discovery that resulted in her becoming a certified canine nutritionist. She has had experience helping owners and their dogs overcome some serious health issues by altering their nutrition and daily diet. Erica has an engaging and energetic teaching style that makes it easy for us to absorb the detailed info that she has to share.

Course Outline
  • The Digestive System
  • The Healthy Dog – What does he look like?
  • Proteins , Fats and Carbs
  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Finding nutrition in commercial diets
  • Balancing nutrition in home prepared diets
Lunch Break & Questions
  • An in-depth look at commercial & home prepared diets
  • Analyzing Allergies – Sources and remedies
  • Behaviour and Nutrition
  • Talking to your Vet
  • Supplements for better health in all life stages

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Benefits of Our Nutrition Seminar
  1. Learn how food influences behviour

  2. learn the balance to maintain your dog’s health

  3. Help eliminate possible need for medications

  4. Learn how food can help reduce vet visits

  5. Overcome and prevent serious health issues with nutrition

A Message From Renée - Click To Read

As you know, all of us here at All About Dogs care very deeply about the health & well being of our clients dogs. We strive to offer you the best in training, grooming and general care of your pets. We recognize the dedication and commitment you show to your dogs and highly recommend that you participate in this fabulous course.

As an instructor, I fall in love with so many dogs that come through our programs here. I want nothing but the best for your dogs and that includes a long life of good health and physical fitness. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of understanding what constitutes excellent nutrition for your dog and how this affects your dog’s life now and in the future.

The pet food industry is huge and millions of dollars are earned by massive companies that we entrust our pets lives with. The recent pet food recalls drive home the scale to which even the best pet food companies rely on mass production and processed food sources. It is a daunting task to decipher the truth a midst all the conflicting information in the glossy and compelling ads, or the recommendations from vets. The bottom line is that our dogs pay the price when we pass the buck and let someone else decide for us. This course will help you wade through to the essentials and assist you in bettering your dog’s health now.

Itchy skin, reoccurring ear infections, bad breath, runny eyes, tearing causing discolouration, excessive gas – these are all signs that so many dogs show even in early puppyhood that are symptoms of ill health, poor digestion and toxic overload. Most pet owners do not even realize that these conditions are not normal, nor are they necessary. Changing your dog’s diet to a fresher and more bio available food, can help to eliminate these problems and discomforts. The longer these “mild” symptoms persist the harder it is for your pets to overcome the underlying deficiencies. Delaying action leads to deeper health concerns that seriously alter the quality of your dog’s life.

Waiting until your dog is suffering from allergies, chronic joint problems, cancer is too late. Many new pet owners are overwhelmed by the options and recommendations out there given by their breeders, vets, family and friends. Our seminar presenter Erica Garven, gives you the facts in an interesting and vibrant way and will help you make choices that fit with your life style, as well as your budget.

I hope you will not let this opportunity pass you by. If you would like to join us please send us an email

Best regards – Renée

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Good quality food in the right balance is the foundation for maintaining the health of your dog.  It can improve behaviour, reduce vet visits and significantly help with the management of allergies.


As responsible owners, it is important to know the variety of hazards that pets can unwittingly be exposed to and prevent the possibility of injury, illness, and premature death or disability.


We offer show handling classes for those looking to prepare their young dogs for the conformation show ring under the guidance of our highly acclaimed instructor, Shianna Fairley.