Obedience Classes

In Obedience classes you and your dog will learn the basic commands, such as sit, down, off, come when called, settle on a mat and preliminary leash walking at the beginner level.  You will learn to avoid common problem behaviours by developing your dog’s self control and ability to focus and respond to you around other dogs and people.

Once your dog has mastered some of the basics, they can move on to more difficult obedience and continue to create a happy and confident dog who understands what is expected of them.

Topics that will be covered include: name response, sit, down, stay, off, focus and teaching your dog to wait for a release. We also cover loose lead walking, impulse control and settle on a mat. All exercises are progressive and skills are built from the first class to the last.

Once you have mastered the basics, you can hone your skills through our intermediate level classes and be ready for some “extra curricular” activities such as: agility, disc dog, flyball, Rally Obedience, tricks or therapy work.

Rally O

Rally Obedience can be described as obedience exercises performed in a sequence format, with the emphasis on an upbeat relationship between handler and dog. It is made up of a compilation of many of the traditional obedience exercises, including heeling, sit, down, stand, and stay.  Rally is a terrific sport to use to build a working relationship between dog and handler that will serve as a foundation for other human-dog team sports.

Rally-style obedience was conceived and developed as a dog sport in the 1990s and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers began awarding titles in Rally O in 2001. The American Kennel Club allowed Rally as an exhibition sport at obedience trials for several years, before it began awarding titles in 2005. The Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) added Rally O to their list of sanctioned events in 2007. Another association dedicated to this sport is Canadian Rally Obedience (CARO), which was established in 2002. CARO is open to pure and mixed breeds. All organizations have slight variations to their exercises, rules and standards.

Class Information & Pricing

All classes run for six weeks with a one-hour lesson per week. The group is limited to six dogs and the cost is $250 plus HST.

We also offer ongoing training classes to keep your young dog on the right track to becoming a well-behaved pet who is welcome in your family and the community.

Benefits of Obedience Training
  1. Build your dog’s confidence

  2. Develop good verbal commands with your dog

  3. Develop a strong relationship with your dog

  4. Dogs of any age can participate

  5. Build your dog’s self-control and focus

Upcoming Obedience Classes

Class/Event Date Start Time End Time
Never Too Late - START Monday, August 21, 2017 6:30 pm 7:30 pm View Details/Register
Coming Back For More: Puppies - START Monday, August 21, 2017 7:30 pm 8:30 pm Full
Coming Back For More - START Monday, August 21, 2017 8:30 pm 9:30 pm View Details/Register
Our Dog Training Choices

Training is the best way to create a happy and confident dog who understands what is expected of them. All classes are progressive and skills are built from the first class to the last.


Puppy Training starts with our First Paw Forward program – designed to take advantage of a puppy’s early learning and socialization period and is open to pups 8 – 16 weeks old.


We offer show handling classes for those looking to prepare their young dogs for the conformation show ring under the guidance of our highly acclaimed instructor, Shianna Fairley.


At All About Dogs emphasis is placed on modification of the dog’s behaviour through non-coercive and non-aversive methods.  Using aggression to cure aggression does not work.


Most dogs love to run, jump and climb, so they quickly get hooked on training and playing with you which develops a strong relationship between you and your dog.


Agility is a fabulously fun sport that can be played by people and dogs of all ages and sizes! You and your dog navigate a series of obstacles using only verbal commands and body language.