Private Training

Are you experiencing problems with your dog, such as house soiling; object guarding or stealing; aggression to other dogs, children, and strangers; or over guarding of you or your house? While basic training is a component of any behaviour modification program, it is likely you require assistance in devising a course of action that will help you and your dog successfully overcome any problems that arise during his lifetime.

At All About Dogs, emphasis is placed on modification of the dog’s behaviour through non-coercive and non-aversive methods. Using aggression to cure aggression does not work. Harsh methods can deteriorate your relationship with your dog and build distrust on both sides. Many aggression problems or nuisance behaviours are often very normal dog behaviours, therefore using harsh or aversive tactics to remove these undesirable actions are unwarranted. Problem behaviours can be a result of an owner’s misunderstanding of their dogs’ behaviour and responding in an inappropriate way. We encourage you to contact us immediately to book a private consultation to help rectify the situation as soon as possible.

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Private consultation and training sessions are available with Renée DeVilliers – to assess the dog’s situation and to begin modifying their behaviour. Please contact Renée for pricing and schedule.