The “Trick” is in the Training!

Joining a tricks class is a great way to learn more about your dog and more about applicable concepts in training. If you are a better trainer you will be able to help your dog training through any problem behaviours that might arise in the future.

Through this program you will learn more about the variety of ways to teach dogs things such as shaping, luring, and capturing behaviors. You will also learn how to reinforce behaviours in an instructive way through use of a marking word, placement of reward, and rate of reinforcement or absence of reinforcement. Learning these components during the training of tricks allows you and your dog to relax and enjoy the fun of learning something new together!

You will learn how to develop a simple paw trick into a number of fun and useful behaviours. Once you’ve taught your puppy to “shake a paw”, you could also teach them “high 5”, wave or even hold their paws to be wiped or for nail trims.

During each session you will concentrate on several tricks from different categories. There are targeting tricks such as go to your mat, ring a bell, or body tricks like rolling over, hiding your eyes or taking a bow. There are also tricks that include interacting with you – like weaving through your legs – or the environment, such as shutting a door. There are also many tricks that can be taught around toys and objects such as bringing you the leash or putting toys away.

This class will help you learn some “tricks” of the trade. Most dogs enjoy learning new things, so let’s get started.

Class Information & Pricing

All classes run for six weeks with a one-hour lesson per week. The group is limited to six dogs and the cost is $250 plus HST.

We also offer ongoing training classes to keep your young dog on the right track to becoming a well-behaved pet who is welcome in your family and the community.

Upcoming Tricks Classes

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