Canine Fitness

As you know all of us here at All About Dogs are dedicated to the health and wellness of our canine companions. Many dogs have already benefited from the gentle chiropractic care of Dr Mishka Thomson and we are thrilled to add this additional Canine Fitness program to further guide and assist you in assuring your dog enjoys the best quality of life.

We are thrilled to have Andrea Ferguson Jones on board to facilitate this new program for us. Andrea is a Certified Canine Massage practitioner and brings to this program 8 years of hands on experience offering massage for canine athletes at agility trials throughout Ontario.

Some of the components you will focus on in class:

Learning how to warm up and cool down your dog before and after exercise or activity and practice injury prevention in both young and older dogs.

Foundational skills for body awareness:

  • Basic foot targeting for both front and rear feet
  • Backing up & side stepping
  • Foot lifts

Exploring the use of perch pivots, and cavalettis to increase dexterity, body awareness and balanced use of limbs.

Improving your observational skills to assess your dog’s strength and overall fitness.

Safe introduction of FitPaws® equipment and specifically design fitness tools for dogs to improve your dog’s core strength in a safe and progressive manner through balance training exercises.

This program is an excellent way to start cross training for a younger dog that you would like to consider for any type of dog sport. If you have a dog that is already mature that you would like to prepare for sport training this program offers assistance in creating functional fitness and accident or injury prevention for your canine companion.

Class Information & Pricing

All classes run for six weeks with a one-hour lesson per week. The group is limited to six dogs and the cost is $250 plus HST.

We also offer ongoing training classes to keep your young dog on the right track to becoming a well-behaved pet who is welcome in your family and the community.

Upcoming Canine Fitness Classes

Class/Event Date Start Time End Time
FitPAWS® Equipment

At All About Dogs we use the best equipment available for all our agility, dog sport, and fitness classes, and as such we receive number of enquiries daily about where we get our great products and how students can get them for working at home. We have added the FitPAWS® equipment that we use in class to our online store, so that you can also access the best in equipment! Below are the current FitPAWS® products we are carrying.