About Dr. Mishka

Raised in Montreal with Dr. Doolittle for a mom, the love and nurturing of domestic and wild animals was established at a young age; from geese and goats in the suburban garage, to ferrets, parrots, lizards, raccoons and dogs (and everything in between), we were exposed to all kinds, and loved it!

Prior to beginning my post-secondary studies, I traveled and worked in Costa Rica as a park ranger at two national parks, one of which was a macaw sanctuary. It was in 1997 that I laid down the backpack, moved to Ontario and began my post-secondary studies. In 2001, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from the University of Waterloo.

Having also had an interest in health and the body from a young age, it was natural that a gravitation toward Chiropractic should eventually occur. However, the hands-on aspect of the profession also appealed to the artist in me, and the engineer-inherited aspect of my brain was drawn to the biomechanics and neurology aspects. After four demanding years of study at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, I graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2005.

It was in my final year at CMCC that I learned about the possibility of treating animals with Chiropractic. The fact that I would take the extra training was inevitable; the question was when?

Immediately after graduation, my husband and I moved to London, UK for some interesting work and travel experiences. A year and a half later, we returned to Canada and had our first fur-baby, Milo a miniature schnauzer/poodle mix.

AlphaChiro_logo_150pxIt was in 2012 that I finally completed the Animal Chiropractic Certificate Program, becoming a member of the College of Animal Chiropractors, and my practice has been all the richer for it!

Benefits of Regular Chiropractic Treatments
  1. helps repair your pet’s muscles to allow the joints to move freely

  2. Keeps basic skeletal system aligned and in top peromance

  3. Helps with the nervous system and associated organ function

  4. Can help with hips and joint issues

  5. Often can help with symptoms like weak limbs, hunched back or lameness

Dr. Mishka Is Recognized By:
Ontario Chiropractic Association
College of Chiropractors of Ontario
College of Animal Chiropractors
Canadian Chiropractic Association
  • I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for mentioning about your new chiropractor. I was able to make an appointment for Hudson on Dec. 19th at your new facility, and although he didn’t like the adjustment at all, it managed to subside his limp immensely. Hudson is also seeing the chiropractor on a weekly basis to work on some of the tenderness he seems to have. Like I said, he doesn’t like it, and he has to be muzzled, but it truly is doing wonders for him.

    If it wasn’t for you and your team mentioning it, I wouldn’t have thought to bring Hudson back to a chiropractor, so I thank you immensely!

    Monica Proudler
    Happy Chiropractic Client!
Dr. Mishka at All About Dogs

Here at All About Dogs, we are always striving to bring together the right services and training to keep your dogs healthy and at their best as performance athletes. Project Echo is part of our vision to bring these services to our clients in our facility at 47 Gurney Crescent in Toronto.

Dr. Mishka shares our vision: “Knowing I am a part of an athlete’s increased performance, or an older animal’s renewed enjoyment of life has been incredibly fulfilling. I feel equally fortunate to bring hope and an increased quality of life back to the people that care for these pets, as it can be as equally distressing to them to see their pets struggle.” 

Chiropractic problems are common in dogs. They can result from injuries relating to running and jumping, repetitive types of activities, long periods of cage rest, being under anaesthesia, birth trauma, slips or falls, and of course the general wear and tear of life.

Pet owners may not always be aware of the stresses that affect their pets and cause chiropractic problems.

Together, with her, we bring out the best in you and your pet! This is why we now host monthly Chiro Days, where you can come to All About Dogs and have your dog treated by Dr. Mishka right here at All About Dogs. Convenient, and we can schedule you according to your class if you have class that day too – you can register and pay online for Chiro Days appointments. Below is the list of upcoming days Dr. Mishka will be at All About Dogs!

Upcoming Chiro Days

Below is the current list of scheduled Chiro Days. You can book and pay online for your visit with Dr.Mishka. Or if you prefer, email info@allaboutdogs.ca to request and apportionment.

Fees are: Initial Consultations (1/2 hr approximately) $100+HST, and all Follow-Up Treatments (15 mins. approximately) $50+HST.

Class/Event Date Start Time End Time
Chiro Day - December Saturday, December 9, 2017 10:00 am 5:00 pm View Details/Register or Add to Cart
Services We Offer

As responsible owners, it is important to know the variety of hazards that pets can unwittingly be exposed to and prevent the possibility of injury, illness, and premature death or disability.


Good quality food in the right balance is the foundation for maintaining the health of your dog.  It can improve behaviour, reduce vet visits and significantly help with the management of allergies.


We offer show handling classes for those looking to prepare their young dogs for the conformation show ring under the guidance of our highly acclaimed instructor, Shianna Fairley.