Thank you for your interest in our Puppy Social program & schedule.

Our Puppy Social Program is exclusive to puppy students currently enrolled in our puppy training program (First Paw Forward) and is designed to offer additional learning experiences for you and your new puppy.

During this guided socialization session you will learn to understand how your puppy plays and why, and what your puppy might be communicating. By watching your puppy’s interactions you will learn more about how to read your puppy’s body language and be better able to assess what is appropriate play and what is not. You will learn how and when to interrupt play, as well as why this is so important.

At the Puppy Social we teach the puppies to be calmly released to go play and will interrupt the play sessions frequently to allow the pups to settle before going back for more.  This is skill will become increasingly important as your puppy grows older.

Your puppy needs a safe and controlled environment to build and learn proper social skills.  Our puppy social sessions allow your pup to interact with puppy students from other programs increasing your pup’s social circle and opportunities to meet and make friends with other pups outside their current classmates.

In combination with the group training classes, our Puppy Social meet ups allow shy pups to develop social skills and come out of their shell. They also give the  more outgoing pups a chance to learn how to temper their enthusiasm and not overwhelm the other pups. Good social skills all around!


Puppy Social Schedule

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Puppy Social Fee is: $20/Session

Single Class Registration Instructions

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Multiple Socials Registration Instructions

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