Project Echo
Background & Vision

Project Echo is inspired by Echo, the little Aussie pup who lost her front leg at just 5 weeks old. Her need to make a full recovery after her rear leg surgery is paramount. Our vision is to create a full service Canine Healing Center, as part of our facility here at All About Dogs. The center will include a large pool, treatment areas for rehab such as massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care and physiotherapy. Our intent is to bring in the best Toronto and GTA professionals to provide these much needed services as they are required by clients. We need your help to make that vision a reality.

As we move forward it is our hope for Project Echo to create an “echo effect.

The Echo Effect

Each year, All About Dogs will set aside time and financial resources in order to continually be giving back to dogs and owners who can not afford therapy.

Our goal is to also host a number of community swim days, pool-side events, special training sessions and seminars – we hope you will join us for these events once the pool is open.

You can be part of the Echo Effect through a donation to Project Echo, or through your participation at our upcoming fundraisers.

Meet Echo!

This is Echo – at just 5 weeks old, Echo suffered complications due to an illness that required her leg to be amputated to save her life. Echo recovered fully and became as rambunctious and spirited as any young pup. Unfortunately growing up on three legs took its toll on her developing structure, causing lameness in both rear legs. At 10 months old Echo underwent a second surgery to repair one of her back legs in order to maintain her mobility, and is now in need of low impact hydro therapy to help her make a full recovery.

All About Dogs has just moved into a new space and we have an opportunity to make a difference for pups like Echo. We are asking for your help to create “Echo’s Pool”, a hydro therapy pool, so that Echo can have access to the therapy that she needs. With your support we see Echo’s Pool create an “Echo Effect” – an ongoing program dedicated to assisting other dogs-in-need to get the therapy they require to heal or to improve their quality of life.

Echo’s Inspiration: Strength in the face of adversity!

The total cost to acquire and install the therapy pool is between $40,000 and $50,000.


We need your financial support for this project

Approximate total cost to complete Phase 1, and have Echo’s Pool up and running: $40,000-$50,000

Many things have to be accomplished in order to make Echo’s Pool a reality.
We already have the space at our new facility, the above ground pool frame, and the grooming tub for the washing off station.

Here is the check list of items needed to make this vision a reality:

  • Building the concrete pad to create a level surface for the pool
  • Installation of the pool frame
  • Installation of the showering off station
  • Procurement of pool ramp, heater, filtration system, liner and installation
  • Construction of pool decking surround, second level terrace, fence and railings
  • Electrical rough in for pool equipment as well as electrical upgrades for pool room.
  • There is no plumbing or access to plumbing in the pool warehouse.  This will be a considerabe expense as all new drains and water supply lines must be installed.
  • All associated materials and required permits
Raised So Far...
Lotto Bingo Draws (Total) 615 $
Tunnelpawlooza 360 $
YouCaring Donations 1020 $
Puppy Bone Sales 125 $
Agility-A-Thon 2300 $
Pups & Peeps Eggcellent Easter Egg Hunt 310 $
Agility & Movie Soirée 200 $
Online Auction (Spring 2015) 2333 $
Online Auction (Fall 2015) 2475 $
Regift Your Abundance Online Auction (Feb 2016) 2865 $
Midsummer Madness Online Auction (July 2016) 2450 $

Running Total Raised to Date: $15,053

Make A Donation
Not Just for Therapy!
Swimming Lessons

Echo’s Pool will allow All About Dogs to offer private swim sessions for clients and local community dog owners in a safe controlled environment, year-round.

If you want to get your new puppy off to a good start and not wait til summer you can bring them to swim lessons. You can even acclimatize your new dog to floating devices so that they are ready for camping and canoeing when summer comes.

Not only will the dogs be able to swim, you can swim WITH your dog no matter the weather!

Water Sports & Play

All About Dogs will be able to utilize Echo’s Pool for exciting water events and sports training.

Teach your dog water retrieving for sport and recreation and even prep for Dock Diving. The pool will offer fun water play and even private doggie pool parties!

Perfect for inclement days when we all need some water fun, but in the warm indoors!

Water Safety

Echo’s Pool will allow for a safe environment for dogs and owners. It will have ramp access, be heated and will have a deck and railing system for safety.

Owners can learn how to swim safely with their dogs and assist dogs who may have a fear of water or swimming.

Swimming is a great way to safely use up your dogs excess energy especially if they have an injury, or if you want to exercise your dog without the risk of slipping on ice in the winter or over exertion on a hot day.