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Scent Detection - Novice - START


Develop your dog’s sense of smell while exploring this fun new urban sport!

Scent Work or Scent Detection, refers to the act of engaging a dog's scenting ability to locate and track a specific smell, and to indicate the location to their handler once found. This type of training is used in Search and Rescue, police hunts, drug, and bomb detection.  As scientists learn more about dogs incredible olfactory capabilities, new applications for harnessing these remarkable sensitivities are surfacing on an ongoing basis. Dogs are now trained to seek out early signs of cancer cells or bed bugs or other hazardous and difficult to detect insect infestations. In most cases dogs are trained specifically to seek and locate a targeted scent, track it down to the source and communicate this location to his handler. Scent work takes an incredible amount of concentration due to the fact that the dog is not only searching out the particular smell he is looking for, but also needs to filter through a myriad of other scents and stimulation on his way.

Enrolling in our Scent Detection program will give you an opportunity to learn more about how this fascinating process takes place. Unlike other activities such as obedience training, this activity requires the dog to work more independently of the handler. Students will learn how inspire their dogs to search for the scent, and to identify it once found. Through the exercises in class, the handlers will learn to release their dog to the task, and to trust in their dog’s ability. The dogs will learn how to work independently of the handler while staying connected. This can lead to a deeper strength of relationship and trust between the handler and dog.

During the first level of training, your dog will be introduced to scent work using “wintergreen”. This particular scent is used in the Starter level of the Sporting Detection Dog Association trials and  will help your dog to be ready for the “Sporting Detection Dogs Association” DOT test.

Course curriculum will include:

  • Developing the dog’s ability to search for a particular scent
  • Introducing the dog to searching a variety of containers
  • Teaching the dog an “alert” (a visual cue to the handler) that their dog has found the correct location of the scent

Each class builds upon the skills practiced in the previous classes and by the end of the 6 weeks dogs should be able to locate a contained scent in an enclosed area with a number of distractions.

Scent Detection is a fabulous way to offer your dog intense mental stimulation which can even be more tiring than a physical workout. It is great for dogs or owners who cannot physically commit to cardio intensive dog sports (such as agility, disc dog or flyball), and boosts the confidence of shy or nervous dogs. Scent training can be easily done in and around your home and it can be paired with other aspects of daily life, such as training your dog to find your keys, your tv remote, your glasses or lost toys! Minimal prerequisite training is required and older or physically challenged dogs can also participate. It is a great way to help dogs that might be on a limited activity recommendation due to injury or illness.

Scent Detection Novice Level is 6 weeks, and is limited to 6 dogs.

Class Fee: $250 (+HST)/Session of 6 weekly classes

Price: C$282.50

Start Time: 7:30 pm
End Time: 8:30 pm

Date: Thursday, August 24, 2017

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